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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 14, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> tom: quality at-bat right here by danny espinosa. once again, you still have to gear up to the 98. see if rosenthal goes back to the change-up. >> kenny: adams steps on first. cardinals win 4-1.
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252 pitches in the game. randy choate threw one and he will pick up the victory. >> tom: does he get to ice down after the game? it was a very big pitch, though. one pitch, two runners on base and denard span, one pitch but a very important pitch. >> kenny: so the cardinals win over the nationals. matt adams the hero once again. his second home run of the series. cardinals win it 4-1. we'll return to st. louis right after these messages. what's with the suit?
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>> kenny: final score here in st. louis, the cardinals 4, the nationals 1. matt adams with yet another home run and it's worth $14,000 in the home run challenge. $14,000 more raised for prostate cancer research. a total of 26 home runs today, $364,000. next week on "baseball night in america," braves take on the nationals, pirates and indians. and then it's the rangers and the angels. next on fox, except on the west
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coast, it's your late local news followed by a double dose of animation domination. for more information on today's game and the late nest major league baseball news, log on to on msn, the world's favorite sport site. for tom verducci and ken rosenthal, kenny albert saying so long. you've been watching fox sports major league baseball game. we are! fox sports!
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breaking bee tails on septa's regional rail street. commute letters want to hear this update. plus, a big moment for the phillies. jimmy rollins, in particular. keep it here, your
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live from center city in philadelphia. this is "fox 29 news" at 10:00. less than 24 hours after septa engineers walked off the job, president obama intervenes watch it means regional rail service will be up and running tomorrow
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morning. thanks for joining us, i'm chris o'connell. joyce evans is off tonight. word came from the white house just after 7:00. a presidential emergency board has been formed which bridges an end to the work stoppage at 12:01 tomorrow morning, fox 29's dave kinchen is live in center city, thon story all day, dave, no doubt, commuters s are breathing a sigh of relief tonight. >> you can stay again, they are absolutely thrilled by this news, it all started with the request from governor tom corbett, asking the white house to get involved, president obama heard that request, he got involved, now the first scheduled trains will be rolling out tomorrow morning. >> i don't know what i am going to do on monday. if i have to go to work and a strike. >> has been following the septa strike which paralyzed 13 september that regional rail lines, including the one he needs to get to work every day. >> i take the regional rail from wood burn train station, owe on the train for about an hour, and driving down i59 isn't the easiest drive in the morning.
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>> but he is welcoming apparent break through coming from washington, president alabama issued this order creating presidential emergency board which will preside over labor dispute between septa and two labor unions representing more than 400 engineers and electicities cents who went on strike early saturday morning. order set to ends the strike by monday. >> if it means the trains run, i'll take it. >> work letters go back to their jobs, 13 regional rail lines will be running by sunday morning, according to septa officials. while the unions get back to the table with septa to work on deal settling issues over back pay and pension. >> nothing has changed in regard to the collective bargaining process? more time allowed by the president's cord could change that, unions say they've known all along what could get a deal done. >> we have consistently said that binding resolution to this dispute is the one that we we think is appropriate. >> in the meantime, the white house committee will actually have up to 30 days to
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recommend solutions to end this whole dispute, but again, the good news, those trains will be rolling out tomorrow morning. chris? >> dave, thanks. we are staying on top of this story on air and on line. we'll have the very latest updates, you can go finds them by going to and, remember, overnight septa subway trains in the city will begin running tonight. trains will run every 20 minutes starting just after midnight. it is a pilot program that will run through labor day, the trains will replace overnight bus service in those areas. a big day for the phillies, as shortstop jimmy rollins smashes a team record. >> and there it is, jimmy rollins, new phillies hit record. >> history is made. the team celebrates as j-roll is now the team's all time hit leaderment colleen wolfe live in the news room tonight.
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colleen, this is big. >> it sure; you know what, in a season that's been anything but exciting, this will be pretty special moment. obviously, jimmy rollins and the fans knew it was coming. but what unfolded on the field was unexpectedly touching. >> mike schmidt coming down the line shocked me. i didn't expect that. i knew he was going to be here, he told me he had to come around, and he hoped that i got it done at home, because he had to come up here anyway. so i new he was in town, but i didn't know he was going to have a part in it, and so, you know, hit first base and i look down and he was halfway up the line, i was like wow. that was pretty nice. that's a surprise. and then the teammates, you know, came out and the game stopped, fireworks went off, and it was pretty cool. >> pretty cool is probably an understatement. and we'll have more from jimmy coming up in sports, including
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a inside look at what his teammates did, and said, after the game. >> all right, thanks, colleen. happening now, philadelphia authorities break up a large scale cockfighting ring. it happened around 3:00 this morning, in kensington, on the 2900 block of e street. once the cops showed up, they say, dozens of participants took off. officials were able to arrest the owner, upon investigation, they found 18 live birds and a few that had died. >> this is a fairly elaborate set up. he's got an area in the back of this location, that is pretty well concealed. got numerous cages in the back where he houses the birds. >> charges are pending against the owner. officials say they haven't had a cockfighting incident in about a year in the city. and, a man is in police custody after they say he barricaded himself inside a north philadelphia apartment.
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it happened just after 1:00 this morning, the 1500 block of judson way. two women say they were in a hallway when the man came out, pointing a gun, then lock himself inside. officials were eventually able to get him out. legalizing marijuana is at the forefront after discussion in university city today. the forum on the issue held at u pen's law school, comes as the state general assembly is moving toward legislation to legalize it. state senator anthony williams holes dollars the event, and says there are benefits to consider. >> fast track, i think the fact it is not toxic, you won't get hi, for conservatives, as well as anybody else, understanded g the benefits medically, whole host -- >> advocates say taxing medical marijuana could help the state increase its investments in education and pension funds.
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it could also provide a multi-million dollar revenue source for years to come. the state is currently seeing its highest level of support on this issue. >> now, onto a developing story, the unrest in iraq. people in iraq's capitol are preparing for all-out siege, as islamic extremists threaten the country's government. now as fox's doug reports, president obama says he's weighing his options and considering air strikes. >> the latest is that secretary of defense chuck hagel has ordered the aircraft carrier uss h.w. bush to move closer to iraq from its current position in the north arabian sea to the arab yap gulf, and gaining more grounds in iraq today, with seizure of small town about 60 miles north of baghdad. in baghdad, young shiite men have been flocking the military volunteer centers, prompted by call from that country's top shiite cleric to stop the advance of the al quaida linked.
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meanwhile pentagon awaiting decision from president obama on what military options to use to help the al quaida advance. president said american troops will not be placed on the ground. >> i can tell you they cover wide range of military capability, and will be designed, the president said, to help break the momentum of the progress and bolster iraqi security forces but clearly any decision to employ these options rest solely with the commander in chief. >> my team is working around the clock to identify how we can survive the most effective assistance to them. i don't real out anything because we do have a steak in making sure that these jihad is cents are not getting a permanent foot hole in either iraq or syria. >> the president is coming under increasing criticism this al quaida advance direct result of his which led to us
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drawl. >> we've given these guys a chance to allow the virus to regrow and now we're not in a position to offer anything vaguely close to real help. >> yesterday house speaker john boehner said this was all predictable, quote, both congress and the pentagon have been warning the white house about the worsening situation in iraq, but for months it has done almost nothing, he said. there are reports that iran has now sent 2,000 troops to iraq in the past 48 hours to help count they are jihad insurgentsy. >> some sunday day in mourning in ukraine after military plane is shot down killing all 49 on board. pro russian rebels are said to be to blame. the country's new president voice to punish those responsible. the attack happened early this morning, as the plane caring troops and equipment approach the airport. >> police release 911 tapes from the night two priests were attacked at roman catholic church in downtown
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phoenix. >> mia cyst at any time priest here -- >> right now he's beaten in a. >> yes. >> and one person is unconscious? >> yes. >> is he breathing? >> no. >> that was the chilling sounds of the voice of father joseph tara, his colleague, 29 year old father kenneth walker shot and killed by at least one intruder. operator instructed tara to administer cpr. but in the end he administered last rights to walker, so far police have no suspects. >> it helps immensely for us to get some that far information from him, whatever information he can provide to us, as we have limited information at this point. >> terra remains in critical condition, batly biden, motive unclear, but at this time it looks like a bungled burglary.
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>> northeastern pennsylvania residents came together to pay tribute to the american flag. what looked like a typical military burial was, in fact, the burial of retired cremated american flags. the ashes of thousands of us flags were placed in a your honor which provided by funeral home in luzerne county. veterans came out to celebrate, many saying the flagg is so much more than a piece of clot. >> it bridges back so many memories of people i was with and that didn't come back. and i'm very fortunate that i did. >> the event coincided with the celebration of flag day, which is today. >> wild fires continue to pose a threat in california. a firefighter invents something he hopes to prevent homes from being destroyed watch residents have to say about the hydrant house. and the special olympics are about to start in new jersey, meet one athlete who
10:23 pm
is said he's focused not just on winning. dominica? >> clear skies will give way to beautiful sunday. but they keep humidity and storm chances return to the forecast, i'll have the details coming up.
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a man in colorado is caught sprague acid on an atm hoping to break into it. police say the plan, well it, didn't work. a student who tried to use the atm later suffered chemical burns. police say the machine has been damaged beyond repair, and now has to be replaced at
10:25 pm
a cost of $50,000. after 35 years of surviving one of the nation's worse school tragedies, principal frank de angries of columbine high school retires. he spent his last day reading through letters of student at columbine, came to note or or at this following the 1999 school shooting there. that incident claimed 12 lives of student. de angries said he almost quit following the shooting because people blamed him for it. >> named in eight lawsuits after the tragedy, and that was just devastating to me knowing that there were people out there that felt that i was responsible. >> de ainge list isn't retiring entirely, signed on as a consult and, will help plan for emergency management issues there. it is wild fire season out west, and thanks to one firefighter in california, some homeowners will be better prepared.
10:26 pm
he took it upon himself to come up with a sprinkler system to protect homes against approaching fires. the house hydrant system keeps the roof wet to add a layer of protection, homeowners say it makes them feel just a little bit safer. >> it looks like a great idea. if it keeps all the vegetation wet, you know, that will help. >> the system activates with nearby smoke, even when the homeowner isn't around. after much anticipation, the special olympics are almost here. a special send off at the wells fargo center this morning, for hundreds of athletes in our area, having to take part in the special olympic games. philadelphia 76ers, michael carter williams, among those wishing the athletes well, giving them high fives, mayor nutter was also there, posing for some pictures, before speaking to the crowd. he adds athletes left in buses with philadelphia police escorts. and while that was going
10:27 pm
on, thousands of other athletes flew into philadelphia, trenton, and newark today for the games. they were all greeted with quite a welcome, as fox 29's drew dickman shows us. >> athletes from across the country traveled in style to the 2014 special olympics usa games in new jersey. they're getting treated like a world class athletes they should, when they land, they won't touch their baggage until they get to their dorm room. no different than when peyton manning wag here for the superbowl, they are getting the same vip treatment. >> basketball player amy williams, dublin, ohio, was the first off the plane. a red carpet and large welcome committee greeted her and the others representing the buckeye state. >> awesome having all of them people. >> private jets kept coming landing every few minutes at the citation special olympics air lift at the trenton mercer airport. >> our custom remembers
10:28 pm
volunteering their aircraft, their crews, or sometimes owners themselves are flying their trying to transport athletes from across the us to the games. >> john of columbus has been participating for nearly three decades. this year he is competing -- >> my goal not only to come here to win a metal, if i can win, that's fine, but if i cannot win, that's great, as long as i try to put a smile on somebody else's face. >> much like him, michael blower of west virginia says the program provides so much more than an opportunity to compete. it gives them an opportunity to live. >> i just love doing t i don't think i will ever stop doing it. changed my life completely. it lets me do new things, meet new people, and try new things. i've been places i've never been before. >> after soaking in all of the excitement, one more ride awaited the athletes. the team was loaded on a charter bus to head to their
10:29 pm
dorm rooms, beaming with entheusiasm. >> the athletes will now rest up and get ready for the opening ceremonies at the prudential center in newark tomorrow afternoon. the events begin monday morning, and run all week. reporting from the trenton mercer airport, drew dickman, "fox 29 news". our coverage of the special olympics continues here on fox 29. and on, you can watch our athlete profiles any time by clicking on the linc we've set upright under our home tab. a day of color and pageantry in london, as hundreds of british soldiers march to make the birthday of queen elizabeth the second. the queen and her husband, prince philip, road in vintage horse-drawn carriage from buckingham palace. they inspected more than 1,000 british soldiers and traditional line up of pomp. the queen turned 88 on april 21st, but the monarch traditionally marks her birthday publicly in june. well, let's check out your
10:30 pm
wake up weather forecast, meteorologist, damn. >> we have clear skies, we did have few clouds earlier this evening, but the skies have cleared out. that's really going to give way to a beautiful sunday. that's on the way for fathers day. temperatures right now, 56, they've cooled off significantly, and that's because we have no cloud cover around. it is 58 right now in pottstown, right now, allentown, 59, and look at mount pocono, it is down right cool there. 54 degrees. so still seeing the northwest wind coming in. it is still pretty light. it will continue to be a nice breeze, through the morning. so here's your wake up forecast 7:00 a.m., 59 in the city, 57 in the suburbs, we will start off with sunshine, and keep it right through the day, but the heat really ramps up by monday. i'll tell you all about that coming up and show you the seven day forecast in just a little bit. >> all right, see now bit. ten year old boy is teaching kids around the world to play soccer. coming up: how his big heart
10:31 pm
and love for the game are doing a lot more than just teaching sports. plus, one state is considering requiring students to learn cpr. why one par sent making it her mission to get the law
10:32 pm
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>> grab the dog leans if you visit the beach in wildwood your pooch can now join you. for the first time the city has designate add summertime
10:34 pm
on lean dog beach in the city's northern section near poplar avenue. not only will dogs be able to catch some rays on the beach, they'll catch some waves, in the water, as well. well, high school students in new new york are step closero learning cpr in the classroom, bill would require the emergency training just pass the senate. as fox's liz tells us, the fight is a very personal one for a family on long island. >> reporter: there is no reason why a family should have to suffer the tragedy that we did when, you know, stems can be taken to prevent it. >> reporter: on march 25th, 2,000, karen's 14 year old son, lewis, was playing his first high school lacrosse game. as the goalie, lewis protected routine shot with his chess, seconds later he collapsed on the field, there was no defibrillator, by the time the ambulance got there, it was too late. >> didn't have a chance. >> lewis, i've been a part of
10:35 pm
his foundation which implemented lewis' law mandating all public schools in new york to have aed's in the building and at every sporting event. since then more than 08 lives had been saved. >> was probably the proudest moment of our life. my husband generally says that if it was un one life, it was worth what we did. >> for the past eight years, karen haas been pushing for the passage of the cpr in schools bill. legislation introduced by senator mark would require students to learn cpr before they graduate. in a 30 minute class, students learn how to operate an aed. the board of regents responsible for implementing the training and school district would have to funds it. >> we need to have army of bystanders available to start cpr immediately, because that will sustain someone until ems can arrive. >> karen was in albany last week pushing new york state
10:36 pm
legislatures to vote on the bill before session end june 19th. it passed the senate, but has to be voted on by the assembly and approved by the governor before it can become law. karen says this would not only save more people, but let her son's legacy live on. >> lewis gave us a mission, and he gave us something positive that we could do. and shows tangible results, lives can be saved. >> from north port long island, fox news. to most of the worlds it is football. to us, it is soccer. coming up: where the word soccer came from. hint: we americans were not the ones who made it up. plus you got to hear this. the hidden money game comes to new york. but the organizer says this isn't the first time in the big apple. what he said happened the last time
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welcome back, continuing to follow breaking news about the septa engineers strike. president obama has intervened
10:40 pm
helping it come to an end in just a bit at about midnight. he did so by granting governor corbett's request creating a presidential emergency board to mediate contract talks. more than 400 workers had walk off the job over pay hikes among other issues. and several people are injured in a crash on north 22nd and popular streets in philadelphia's fairmount section, a car involved overturned around 3:00 this morning. no word on how serious those injuries are. the cause under investigation tonight. >> a celebration in center city commemorating 50 years of job training and education. more than 600 people were on hand to celebrate opportunities industrialization centers, or oic. gala held at the pennsylvania convention center, reverend al sharpton delivered the keynote address and spoke on the controversial issue of voter
10:41 pm
id. oic watts fawn dollars by the late reverend leon sullivan. the program is now in 22 states and the district of columbia. we're in the second summer season since super storm sandy struck. for many shore towns the recovery efforts still continue. right now several towns are still working on repairing the boardwalks, in the ocean grove section of neptune township, a dispute with the federal government kept the $2.3 million repair project back to the summer. it should be finished by this fall. >> and did you hear about this? the hidden cash craze is hitting new york city with the man behind it calling it a social experiment for good. the virtual scavenger hunt started in california, and has turned into a bit of a movement on twitter. money hungry followers check in for clues on line, where they can find envelopes of cash. >> what we're doing, putting 50-dollar bill with silver
10:42 pm
dollar, so whether you are into precious metals, or you believe more in our paper currency, where ever you fall, you will be happy that we put them together in one envelope. we are doing 40 of these envelopes. the man behind the twitter account says he tried to give away cash in new york six years ago, but it turned into a riot in union square. other locations hidden cash include chicago, houston, and mexico city. no philly? well, americans are ready to celebrate fathers day tomorrow. and most parents would agree with the experts who say fathers play an important role in children's lives. fox's karen scullin explains. >> dads on duty today. and with two tween boys that can be a wild ride. but it is an adventure he's ready to take on. today, though, he does get to stay on the side lines. >> they are busy on the ride behind us here and having a god time. >> are you enjoying it?
10:43 pm
>> i'm doing -- ya, watching. >> doug thompson isn't alone. when we look around, we saw a lot of seemingly awesome dads. that's a good thing. because statistics show for kids with no father figure, the challenges are much greater. >> i've seen that kids that do have the father involved tend to casino of cope better sometimes and they just have some -- a little bit more success dealing with the world around them. >> and this is startling. various studies show the majority of kids who drop out of high school are in juvenile detention, commit suicide, and have behavioral disorders come from father less homes. and the importance of that fatherly role starts very, very early. >> having a father that's caring and involved, that spends time with them, holding them, changing their diaper, feeding them, and doing those nurturing activities, really does have an impact on the child. >> change dippers.
10:44 pm
>> i did, yep. wasn't my favorite job, but i did do it. >> if that fatherly involvement does continue on, studies show children can handle the stresses of schooling better and more psychologically and emotionally stable. now the experts say, if there isn't a father in the picture, a male role model can also be very effective. >> if you are an uncle, or a neighbor, taking the time to spend with the children that are in your life is meaningful, and the kids that do you that for will never forget it. >> that was karen scullin reporting. speaking of fathers day, kelly clarkson's husband is now a proud father. the grammy winner announced the arrival of her caught near twitter post today. her rep confirmed the tweet. the child's name, river rose blackstock-clarkson. she said she and her husband, music man done brandon blackstock, are on cloud nine. well, ten year old boys
10:45 pm
teaching kids around the world to play soccer. coming up how his big heart and love for the game is doing a lot more than teaching the sport. plus, an injured marine gets his life back, thanks to a service dog, encouraging words of support from the man who trained the dog to help an american
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
today is flag day and it was celebrated along with the us army in old city. it is the annual stripes and stars festival, day long event that kick off at the betsy ross house this morning. there was plenty of performance cents and games for the entire family. by the way, the us army celebrates its 239th birthday today. that's right, the us army has something to celebrate. of course, hundreds of years ago, it was back then it was army consisted of a band of revolutionaries from various malitia in new england, they set out for british troops at the start of the us revolution. now national guard troops serving in the army of course we thank them all for their service. he's a who is your hero, who was injured in iraq, but he says this father's day will be the best he's had in years.
10:49 pm
and it is all thanks to his new four legged friends. fox's dan speller spoke with the injured marine about his struggles and the best friends, who has already changed his life. >> they tore off the whole back part of my left hand, took out four of my wrist bones. >> it took 26 surgeries, and daily routines were still a challenge for staff sergeant nick ben hot earned purple heart after surviving a rocket blast in iraq ten years ago. >> like five years that i could even start dealing with the mental part of it, because the first five years was the physical, walking again, you know, how to get dressed. >> but now he's got some help from a four legged friends named festive. >> so with him i can put them right there, i can do whatever i need. >> little things, like going
10:50 pm
out to get the mail, or reading with his kids. but now? >> he knows that's where i need him. and i can use his entire body to get off the floor now. >> sometimes you take for granted the little things that the dogs give back, to a guy like nick. >> found the the group called project who heal. which helps nick get set one his new best friend. >> i got to meet nick, and nick came to me, dressed blues, i was kind of emotional. nick was the first soldier who ever got one of our dogs. he was thanking me profusely, and i'm stand interesting saying i should be thanking you. >> saved my life. i mean, this last year has been such a blessing with my family, and such, you know, an awesome father's day because of everybody that's been
10:51 pm
involved. >> including the dog's trainer. >> working with you have made a beautiful impact on my life, you're the exact reason i wake up each day with determination and drive. i he's done exactly that. >> you can't ask for anything bet nerve life. >> in johnson county, fox news. we call it soccer. the rest of the world calls it football. why one college professor says just because we're not in the majority doesn't mean that we're wrong. dominica? >> no, we call it a fantastic saturday. highs today, 76 degrees, in the city, but the temperatures really ramp up by the beginning of the work
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
a young boy from michigan is helping children around the globe one soccer ball at a time. fourteen year old eat and king is the man behind the international organization charity ball. four years ago, he helped his father provide clean water when he brought along a song or ball and noticed children there were using trash bags wrapped in twine to play the game.
10:55 pm
well, eat and's first call to get help ended up being a no. >> so i said i'll just keep working hard and keep calling up people. eventually money came in, and the first, you know, hundreds balls went to africa. >> well, four years later, 4,000 quality psych or balls have been hand delivered to kids in 22 countries, there is even a play well cup games just like the world cup, it features 300 kids on 12 teams working toward winning the final game. >> then speaking of soccer, the age-old question really is it soccer or is it football? it is an issue that's really divided the world. fox's matt king found out. >> reporter: under lights beneath sunshine and in darkness on fields of turf and grass and dirt, all around the world, amateurs of all ages, gather for those nation's most talented soccer players. >> any words?
10:56 pm
>> in one manhattan bar, thanks to 1 inch question, intentionally posed by yours truly, ignorance of americans, by our use of the word soccer. >> not in the dictionary. it is the wrong name for the sport. >> so the word soccer is originally an english word. it was first recognized in the oxford english dictionary in 1893, thought to be used by university student at then oxford and cambridge as a short version of the world association football. >> refrain from dropping an oh, snap or don't tread on me, our friend from the bar, michigan university prophets or of sport management, steven, committed against mark, and in providing it would likely infuriate mark, convincing him the word soccer belonged more to his found founding fathers than my own. >> we made the sport. we invented the sport. >> when i grow up i could call it football, coy call it soccer, i wouldn't think of them being different words
10:57 pm
particularly, i certainly wouldn't think of it as being an american term. >> what is it. >> but at a certain point, doesn't an ugly american with an ugly american accent trying to choke out football or worse, futballl, instead of calling it soccer, start to sound like he's just trying too hard. >> just go england. >> lower east side, matt king, fox news. now, onto your fox 29 weather authority. dominica davis in tonight. i know a loft dads out there looking for their fathers day forecast. looking pretty good tomorrow. >> absolutely, a lot of people, maybe a lot of dads want to go golfing or, you know, get outside, take a jog, or sleep in. >> or work tomorrow? >> sleep in? >> yes, dow. >> i, with good sleeping in weather. because actually we get little bit of natural air-conditioning tonight, temperatures falling significantly in some places, so will feel cool, nice night to open up the windows, will really lead to nice cool comfortable morning, 64, right
10:58 pm
now, we still have several degrees to drop before we hit our low overnight. humidity is still at 50%, and the winds are coming out of the northwest, at 8 miles per hour, that's what bringing us this really nice comfortable condition. and, really keeping the humidity pretty low. so, the current winds all coming in from the northwest, and they've slackened a bit. looking at highest winds right now, sitting down to the south, along the coast. that's where we have winds over 10 miles per hour right now, atlantic city at 16. wildwood, still holding wind out of the northwest at 13, and dover, also, still holding the wind, right around 12 miles per hour. so, ultimate doppler shows few clouds that we had earlier this evening, and they're gone, high pressure setting up. will take hold. that will do two things for us, keep us quiet, but also going to ramp up the temperatures. so much of the activity right now across the country sitting well out to the west. we do not have to worry about any of. that will but we do have high
10:59 pm
pressure that is setting up over the southeast, and that will really spike those temperatures. so, here's what's to expect. overnight, cool and comfortable. temperatures in many places are going to be in the 50's, low 60s, so you can open up the windows tomorrow morning, it will feel really nice. and then, for tomorrow, father's day, sunny and nice, top ten day, the humidity still low, we'll have nice light breeze coming out of the northwest, and for the work week, that's when the heat starts to ramp up, the humidity comes back, and we are are talking couple every days where we could have scattered shower or thunderstorm or two. so typical summer pattern comes back to us, really, by monday, and full effect on tuesday. here's a look at fox feature cast. notice the time, starting at 10:00 o'clock tonight, pushing it forward, we will stay clear. 7:00 sunday morning, no problems, temperatures, in the 50's, low 60s, mainly along the shore. but temperatures are comfortable overall. roll this through the afternoon, no problem at all.
11:00 pm
so it stays quiet, wall-to-wall sunshine through our sunday. that means if you are going to the phillies game, what a great way to spend your fathers day, it will be sunny and warm, 78 at the start of the game. 1:35 start, uv index will be high around eight or nine. so that means your burn time is going to be less than half hour. so tomorrow, you really need that sunscreen. tonight, city, 58. that's where we will bottom out. fifty-six in the suburbs, it will be clear, comfortable night with light breeds, and there is your un say -- sunday snap, 85 high in the city. few degrees warmer than we did today, then cooler in the mountains, along the coast, but all-in-all still great day no matter how you slice it there. seven day forecast, 83 tomorrow, up to 90 on monday, that will be the first, if we make it to 90 on monday, that will be the first 90-degree day we have. we have another chance of that on tuesday, and maybe even wednesday, but that's when also the humidity comes back, and our chance for some thunderstorms, so enjoy it while it lasts. >> a ten for fathers day, we


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